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About Me

Why hello there! How's it going? I guess you came to learn a little bit about me so you can figure out whether or not we can click and you know what? That's good idea. First off, I'm a dork. I'm geeky, weird, fun, magnetic, artistic and spontaneous. I love Star Wars, cartoons, the 90's, and indie rock music.

I'm from Kansas City. MISSOURI. It came before the Kansas one did!

In 2019, I had my first baby, a girl named Magdalena and she is my best thing. I just adore her and that is when I decided to stay GOOD-BYE to retail management life and HELLO to photography and mom life! That is where I am today. Full time mom. Full time photographer. It's perfect.

So what do I concentrate on?

photographing what I find most important: Families, maternity, kids, babies, events. MOMENTS, boudoir!

Creative, and utilizing a colorful and vibrant style, I am the photographer for you!  

My photos represent crips, bright, colorful and unique photos. I can also give you that moody and dark style you see though too, if you ever so ask. :)

I am also:

LGBTQI+ friendly

Bi-racial friendly

Bi-religious friendly

Lover of all people and walks of life!

Let me capture your moments so you can just experience and be a part of them!

Check out my personal portfolio of travel, nature, landscape and more here!


Can't wait to meet you!

- Nicole Maxwell <3

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