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Golden years - 30th Birthday

My good friend reached out at the end of August to ask if I would shoot a session with her for her 30th. She wanted a white background with a golden style. Of course, I said 'yes' !

I brought my gear and arrived at her house super excited. She was already ready. Gorgeous in a laced black dress with subtle hints of gold in her accents. These images were going to be AMAZING!

She was so prepared with what she wanted for the shoot. She had already prepped a semi-balloon arch, victorian chairs, rose petals, flowers, glitter and butterflies.

I was excited. At the end of the session we also sneaked in a few photos with her husband and their new puppy, Bentley, a french bulldog, which also by the way, is the cutest little thing!

Over all, the shoot was so fun. It was great to get back into photo shoots after Covid!!!

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