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West Bottoms Family

A few months ago when I was holding a promotion, this beautiful face won! Covid hit and we had to wait until the beginning of August to finally set a date for the promotion - a family session.

She also had booked her wedding with me and we decided to also get her engagements photos as well!

So on a Saturday morning at 8 o'clock, we met down in the West Bottoms. Her and her fiance' had already chosen their areas and so I followed them to the areas and we got to work.

The first place we went to was the red caboose.

Her three girls, and her fiance's daughter, were all so wonderful to interact with. They have so much love for one another. It was such a great time meeting with them and photographing their time together. After awhile of playing on the Caboose, climbing on it and around it, we went to our next section - A beautiful graffiti semi wall for their motorcycles and then a few alleyways for their bikes as well.

Overall, the few hours with them were great. I got so many great shots!

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