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Where should I have my session?

There are so many places in the Kansas City Metro where you could have your session, but seriously... Where should you? Kansas City Metro is SO HUGE!

Well, it's okay. I am here to help you out with some amazing places that I love. Regardless of where you are, as long as you don't mind traveling a little extra, we can find the perfect spot for you!

Water Fall Park; Meriam Ks

Water Fall Park is right off the high way. I recently found this little gem and I am in love! It has a waterfall that if you are a little daring, water is low, you can be in front of the path of the waterfall and we can walk along it as well. Around the park there are paths you can walk with hills and grass. There is also a barn like fence that offers great images as well!

Loose Park; Kansas City, MO

Loose Park is in the heart of Kansas City by the Plaza and


This also is the home of the Rose Garden. A great place for spring and summer time and early fall, you walk a

circular path for the rose garden if you love the floral imagery for your background. Loose Park also has a vast background of walking paths, ponds with bridges and trees and more! It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Westport, Kansas City, MO

Graffiti, steps, history? There are some great little spots plus an amazing Chiefs mural if you want that for a backdrop!

West Bottoms, Kansas City Mo

A classic and popular option with graffiti, bridges, art, historic buildings, and more! A great place to check out! There is also a CABOOSE!!!

Lock Lock Bridge; Kansas City, MO

A bridge with locks of love and a park as well.

More ideas....

Downtown Overlooking The Bottoms; Kansas City, MO

Unity Village, Lee's Summit MO

A beautiful church area off of 50 Highway in Lee's Summit filled with gardens and peace

Cave Springs; Raytown, MO

Off of Gregory and Blue Ridge Blvd, this foresty little spot is magical and fun. It has little caves, paths and more!

Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is known for their fountains, why not have them as a backdrop?

Longview Lake; Lee's Summit, MO

Shawnee Mission Park; Shawnee, KS

Museum at Prairie Fire, Prairie Village, KS

Riverfront, Kansas City, MO

Union Station; Kansas City, MO

Shuttlecock at the Art Museum; Kansas City, MO

Kauffman Center of performing arts; Kansas City, MO

When the sun sets, the metallic plates can create an amazing setting

Kauffman Memorial Gardens; Kansas City, MO

The Library and Parking Garage at 10th and Wyandotte in downtown KC, MO

Are you a library fanatic? Show it with the scenic walls of book spines!

Bass Pro Waterfall Park; Independence, MO

Parkville, MO

Historic and beautiful, everywhere in this northern little town is gorgeous! (and worth the short drive up north!) They also have a pretty sweet bridge!

National WWII Museum and Liberty Memorial; Kansas City, MO

Great place downtown with an amazing view

Swope Park; Kansas City, MO

Lion statues, woods, trees, and more. Nature at its finest

Burr Oak Woods; Blue Springs, MO

Nature Center with trails, walks, and more. This place is a great place to get away but also get some amazing shots in nature!

Binghan-Waggoner Estate; Independence, MO

This estate is very classy. Mansion home with front porch, they have a bridge, foliage and more.

(Due to Covid, may not be available)

Lake Jacomo; Blue Springs, MO

Best shot for water shots!

James A. Reed Park; Lee's Summit MO

Nature area with calming backgrounds

Black Hoof Park; Lenexa, KS

Cliff Drive in Gladstone, MO

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